Taken by the 8-Bit Plumbers

It’s been one of those mornings.


Woke up horny as fuck and started to masturbate, rubbing my pussy beneath the lacy panties I’d worn to bed – when instead of me getting to gush, I heard water bursting forth from somewhere in my kitchen.


“What the fuck?” I growled, tossing my covers aside and leaving my hungry cunt unsatisfied as I leapt up to investigate the source of the noise.


Sure enough there in the kitchen, water fountained up like Old Faithful from the faucet on my sink.  With a rushing sound, it sprayed forth, coating every surface in the room with its moisture, and my bare feet slipped in the pool that had begun forming on the linoleum.


“Great.  Just great.”


No matter what I did with the handle on the faucet, the water continued to gush, shooting out from all around the part where the head joined the surface of the sink.  My face was dripping now, my body also getting coated in the stuff.


Guess I wouldn’t need to take a shower…


There had to be some way to stop the powerful flow, but nothing I did had an impact.  I didn’t know shit about plumbing, but I peeked into the cupboard underneath the sink and saw further leakage – but more importantly, a handle on the wall that I was guessing cut off the water supply.


With the spray pouring onto and rolling down my back – tickling my ass crack as it trickled into my panties – I heaved at the rusted knob until it began to give.  Finally, just as I thought I’d used up all my strength fighting with the little piece of metal, it turned shut. Sealing off the jets of water at long last.


Now all I had to was clean the place up.


I was soaked, standing in a puddle of water and still in my sodden underwear – as wet outside as I still was inside, my arousal not quite gone from my little interrupted session in the bedroom.  I’d just have to put up with the frustration, however, as this shit had to be taken care of before anything else.


Job number one was to call a plumber – which I dutifully did.  No way I was gonna be able to do anything about these pipes my own self.  Next was mopping up the Sea World mess all around me.


Since I was already covered in water, I decided not to get dressed – that would just end up soaking a dry set of clothes as I cleaned this shit up.  Instead, I set about running a mop over the wet floor while in my squelchy undies, then using a dish towel to wipe off the surfaces that had been sprayed by the little indoor sprinkler show.


When at last the majority of the water was gone, I went to the bathroom to towel off.  The bra and panties I wore were soaked through, and I dropped them in the clothes hamper before drying myself.  Thanks to both my canceled masturbation session and the icy chill of the spray I had been coated with, my nipples were tiny diamonds as I swept the Egyptian cotton across them, dabbing the beaded moisture from the surface of my breasts.


As I looked at them in the mirror, tweaked one of them lightly between my fingers, I briefly thought about resuming my little bout of self-love – but no.  The plumber could be here at any moment, and the last thing I wanted was to be interrupted yet again.


For now I’d have to suffer the frustration and get ready for the visit I was to receive sometime between ten and noon (according to the confirmation e-mail).


Realizing now that I had not done any laundry, I considered popping the underwear I had just removed into the dryer for a bit, but ultimately decided that it wouldn’t embarrass me if I simply put on a skirt and blouse without anything on underneath.


It wasn’t like the guy would be able to see anything he shouldn’t, after all.


No sooner had I slipped on these new clothes than the doorbell went.  Here already! That was prompt service.


I wondered how much I would be charged for such professionalism…


Quickly buttoning my purple blouse and tucking it into my skirt, I made my way to the front door and swung it open with my most polite smile.


Oh my.


Standing a little under six feet tall was a huge hunk of handyman with a 70s mustache, leaning against a post on my porch with an easy masculinity.  I swallowed, taking in his dreamy chocolate eyes and jawline so right-angled Pythagoras would have drooled.


The plumber straightened when I opened the door, puffing out his broad chest, and I felt a twinge deep inside my pussy at his lithe movements, the twitching muscles of his exposed forearms .  He wasn’t dressed like one of those sexy porn plumbers or anything. Instead, his wrinkled overalls gave no sense of what he might be packing underneath, and the plain red Henley – rolled up at the sleeves – was stained with grease and fraying at the neckline.


The metallic, oily scent of his work hung over the spicy aftershave, but it just smelled like “man” to me.  And in my supercharged state from my clittus interruptus earlier, it was like I was in goddamned heat.


I wanted this man in me right here, right now, but I forced myself to remain calm.  No sense in scaring this handsome hunk of handyman away.


“It’s-a me,” the stud said in a rich, Italian-accented voice.  His teeth gleamed from a slightly lopsided smile that melted me into mush.  “You’re-a plumber.”


“Yes,” I purred.  “You’re, um, here to take a look at my pipes, right?”


Okay, so it was the oldest plumber cliché in the book.  But looking at this beefcake in front of me, the horny teenager inside took over and I couldn’t stop myself.


Luckily, he seemed merely baffled by my odd tone.  English not being his first language, he probably failed to interpret my little double-entendre correctly.


Probably for the best.


Still, I raised my arm along the doorjamb languorously, shaking out my damp hair as I raked the man in red with my gaze.  Yeah, I’d be more than happy to watch this fellow do his thing.


“Won’t you come inside?”  My eyebrows conveyed my meaning, I hoped.  God, I was not myself today.


Holding up one finger in deferment, the stud explained, “One-a moment, please.  I waiting for-a my brother.”


I cocked my head to the side, tingling in anticipation.  Two of them?  Oh my.


And indeed, I was not sorry to see the tall, rangy man clomping up the drive with a kit-bag in his hand.  As handsome as his brother, this new stud-muffin was less bulky, but perhaps more fit. A swimmer’s physique – just the way I liked it – and with the same Brawny ’stache the one in red sported.


This new arrival was dressed identically to his brother bar the color of his top – green in this case, with a soft cap perched jauntily atop his head in matching shade.  The first man (who I decided to nickname “Red”) I now realized held a similar cloth hat, but in the same red as his shirt.


These two did everything similarly, didn’t they?  Right now I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d get a chance to compare them directly before the day was done.


In every way possible…


And then, I squealed.  Right in front of my face, a massive spider dangled, swinging from a silver strand of web in its downward scramble.


Reacting to my startled screech, the arachnid scuttled back upward, taking shelter in the mortar between two bricks of the roof to my porch – but despite its retreat my heart still drummed in fear.


I fucking hate spiders.  I know, they’re not bothering me.  But just sharing my living space like they owned it – especially when they’re huge mother-fuckers like this one…  I just couldn’t deal.


One hand clutched the fabric of my blouse between my heaving breasts, the other held onto the door jamb as I could do nothing but stare in terror at the eight-legged invader not far above my head.


Luckily, my savior was at hand.


“Red” gave the giant bug a cursory glance before leaping in the air to punch the porch roof with his fist!  I was sure the impact must have caused him pain, but the man seemed unfazed as he wiped the remains of the smooshed spider from his knuckles.


I gazed mesmerized as Red lightly brushed his meaty fingers along those scraped knuckles, his touch gentle but firm.  How much did I wish I could feel that attention on my own flesh.  Experience his touch on my bare skin, the warm caress of his calloused hands…


But I was getting lost in my little daydream now.  Time to haul myself back to the here and now.


“Uh, thank you,” I managed to stammer.


Red flashed his brilliant teeth at me.  “Is-a no problem. Sometimes the best way to kill-a them is to simply punch-a the bricks they stand on.”


Seemed like overkill to me, but whatever worked.  My eyes still lingered on the way his fingers caressed the skin of his other hand as I stood aside to allow them entry into my home.


Just me and two sexy men, alone in my building.  So many things could happen in here.


“Mi scusi,” said Green as he passed me, his hand brushing against mine and causing me to shiver.  With a smile that weakened my knees, he removed his cap and stuffed it into the bag of tools he carried before dropping it beside the sink where his brother stood rubbing his chin.


“This-a here,” Red began.  “Your-a problem, no?”


I nodded, swallowing my nerves away.  Why did these two sexy fellas make me so horny?  I wasn’t usually quite so easily affected, no matter the man’s general studliness.


Must have been the frustration of this morning, I figured.  Or my period could be creeping up; that had a tendency to increase my libido by a factor of about ten.


“It just started spraying everywhere,” I explained with an expansive gesture.  “Interrupted me right in the middle of… uh… sleep.” A lame finish, but I hadn’t intended to get quite so personal with them.


Luckily, neither brother seemed to notice my hesitation.


“You didn’t flush anything down-a the drain?” Green asked.


I didn’t have disposal in this sink.  “No. I, uh, haven’t anything down these pipes in years.”  And I slid one hand down my long neck, across my chest.


Green watched my movements appreciatively.


“Let-a me see,” Red said then, kneeling before the cabinet.  Upon sticking his head inside the nest of green pipes beneath the sink, I immediately heard his muffled voice continue.  “Of course. I have-a seen this problem before.”


“You have?”  I chewed my nails nervously.  How much was this going to cost?


Pulling his head out from the cabinet, Red looked at his brother.  “Pipe-a wrench, please.”


As Green dug into the bag for the tool, Red nodded and turned to me.


“Yes.  You see, these old-a style pipes, these green ones.  Over time, they can warp, you know. We will-a need to replace-a them.”


Figured.  On the surface, this house looked great but underneath it was falling the fuck apart.  Which is how I managed to get for a song.


Green handed his brother the largest pipe wrench I had ever seen – a massive tool that seemed big even in Red’s meaty hand.  As he began to move it into the network of unnecessarily criss-crossing green pipes, I wondered:


“It’s so big.  Is it going to fit?”


“Don’t-a you worry,” Red grinned as he maneuvered the instrument between the metal tubes.  “I am highly skilled. No one can handle a big tool the way that I can.”


I flushed, not certain whether or not the man’s innuendo was intentional.  Meeting Green’s eyes, I felt a warm flush down below at his intense stare – feeling like the tall plumber was staring into my soul.  Like I was naked in front of them.


Now there was an idea…


“Uh.”  I breathed out, trying to calm myself down.  “You two boys want some coffee? I was just going to put on a pot.”


“Oh thank you,” Green enthused, shoving his hands down into the pockets of his overalls.  “Something nice and hot would be lovely.”


I grinned and began grinding some beans for a pot.


While Red struggled beneath the sink, I started the coffee brewing and – out of a need to be doing something – withdrew some vegetables I had been meaning to prepare for lunch from the fridge.  A cutting board and a knife were already on the counter, and I set about chopping some mushrooms.


“You hungry, too?” I asked politely.


Green looked conflicted.  “I, ah, shouldn’t. Mush-a-rooms, they do things to my body.”


Was he, like, allergic or something?  I was too polite to inquire further, and just got back to chopping.


After a time, Red crawled back out of the cabinet area beneath the sink, wiping his grease-stained hands on his overalls.  I watched the slow movements and bit my lip, enthralled by every brush of those fingers against the fabric of his clothes.


“Here.”  He handed a length of green pipe to his brother, who then offered a selection of white plastic cylinders in replacement.


Red selected one and returned to his work, replacing the old metal with this plastic pipe.  Green set the other pieces of pipe on the counter next to me, and my eyes were immediately drawn to one of them.


The pipe in question was about ten inches long – thick – with a dome cap on the end of it.  It looked like nothing more than a makeshift dildo, and I could not help picking it up and fondling it idly between my fingers.


“Oh,” Green smirked.  “You like-a this one, uh?”


I blushed prettily, wanting to put the pipe down but not quite doing so.  “It, uh, just called to me, I guess.” And I began to slide one curled hand up and down the pipe suggestively, never breaking eye contact with Green.


Sweat beaded on his forehead as he watched me smoothly stroke the penis-substitute – up and down, up and down.  I licked my plump lips, imagining it was the man’s huge cock in my hands. With our eyes locked, it was easy to believe that this was his dick, and I half-expected him to moan in ecstasy as I took him near the edge—


And then the chugging of the coffee maker knocked me from my reverie with a start, the last of the water stuttering forth to drain through the grounds.  I jerked in shock, breaking eye contact, and placed the plastic tube on the counter with a bemused shake of my head.


What the hell was I doing?  This was ridiculous.


“Uh, coffee’s ready.”  And I turned away from both of the men in shame as I gathered some mugs to pour.


By the time I turned back around, Red was standing once more next to his brother, brushing his rough, skilled hands against one another.


“Water’s back on,” he informed me with a grin.




“Oh.  That was easy enough.”  I was disappointed, a mug of coffee in each of my hands.  I was hoping I would get to enjoy their presence a little longer.  I had gotten used to the sight of Red’s muscular buns twitching against the tight fabric of his overalls as he knelt below my sink.


Red shook his head humbly, but held out his hand for the coffee I proffered.  “We can-a stay for a coffee, I think-a, though, eh?”


Our skin brushed lightly against each other as the mug changed hands, his rough fingers sliding deliberately over my own.  I shivered from the contact, losing control as I attempted to hand the other cup to Green, instead spilling half the coffee all over my purple blouse!


“Oh!”  I squealed, the hot beverage stinging but not scalding me through the fabric.  Green grabbed the mug from me before I could do any more damage, but I hopped back, plucking at the soaking wet top in alarm.


“Miss?”  Green leaned forward, concerned.  “Are-a you okay?”


“Yeah.  Yes. I’m…  Shit, that’s hot!”


The fluid soaking my blouse had, in fact, already begun to cool but my chest felt red underneath from the initial blast of heat.  Also, I saw now that the thin fabric had become clingy and translucent from the moisture – which, together with my bralessness, gave the two men a good look at my protruding nipple.


I felt that nipple grow hard again as they stared, becoming a painful point beneath the wet fabric.  Cognizant now of the fully-visible outline of my areola, I brushed slowly at it – pretending to try to wipe away the spilled coffee, but actually just pulling the cloth even tighter across my firm breast.


From the way the two plumbers just stood and stared, coffee untouched, I knew that I had their full attention.


“Darn it.”  I mock-sighed, unbuttoning my blouse slowly.  “I guess this will have to go into the wash.”


And I pulled the top completely from my body, leaving me naked from the waist up.  My audience was very appreciative.


“Mamma mia,” Green muttered, and I saw both men grow a significant bulge in their baggy overalls.


I was not ordinarily a particularly promiscuous woman.  I liked sex just as much as the next person, but for me it was more of a second-or-third-date kind of thing.  With these two men, however, from the moment I laid eyes on them I had wanted nothing more than to bone them.




“And would you look at that,” I complained, swiping at the tiny trickle of coffee on my black skirt.  “This is all wet, too.”


And it joined my blouse on the linoleum floor.


So I stood before them in my birthday suit, bold as you please, with my hands on my hips in a provocative pose.  I waited for one of them to make a move, but they stood in shocked silence. Just staring.


Not turning away though, I noted with satisfaction.  Just unsure how far I intended to take this. They were gentlemen, it seemed, and would not risk offending me by touching me if I didn’t ask.


So I would have to make the first move.  Fine by me; I enjoyed doing that anyway.


“So, Mr. Plumber,” I teased, sashaying toward Red with a toss of my hair.  “You got a pipe down there I should take a look at myself?”


Almost before I had finished speaking, his overalls had hit the floor, red boxers tented hugely beneath his grease-stained Henley.  I knelt, hands hovering near that massive bulge. Even through the fabric of his underwear I could feel the intense heat of his erection, and I knew I had to have it in my hands now.


A quick tug of those shorts revealed his enormity, and my eyes sprung from my head in appreciation.  I had never seen such a dick in all of my life. Ten, eleven inches, surely? Hard to say right now, but my god it was huge.


Big enough that I didn’t know exactly where I’d be able to put it, quite frankly, but it would sure be fun to experiment.  Quite the little game actually, I thought.


The best game ever played – fun with two hunky plumbers.  I was in heaven.


“Fuck me,” I said aloud, running my hand along Red’s length.  “You’re hung like a horse.”


Red ducked his head shyly.  “That’s-a why they call-a me the Italian Stallion.”


“I bet they do.”  And then my mouth was on him.


I had intended to begin with a handjob, but I couldn’t help myself.  This beautiful cock was right in front of my face – and just as long as my face, in fact, from chin to forehead.  I had to taste it.


As I licked along the shaft, from hairy balls all the way to a tip glistening with pre-cum, I closed my eyes and absorbed the heavy musky flavor of Red’s penis.  It had the most clean, masculine taste of any cock I’d ever had in my mouth, dark but pure somehow.


Groaning in pleasure, I licked along it again, swirling my tongue all along it, around its great girth.  Red’s moans matched my own, and I began to jerk the base of that delicious cock as I finally put the head inside my hungry mouth.


Almost immediately he filled me up, taking over the space inside my mouth before I had a third of his length swallowed.  The head of his huge cock bumped against the opening of my throat as I moved further down, my hand sliding around on the remaining few inches rapidly.


It was so big!  Fuck!


I started to choke, fighting back the gag reflex when his cock reached the back of my mouth.  Saliva welled up, spilled forth, coating the smooth skin of his cock and spilling to wet my kitchen floor once again.  With noisy slurps I pulled off of him before reswallowing, twisting my head back and forth as I bobbed on that fantastic dick.


Green, behind me, petted my hair, sweeping it out of my face as I ate his brother’s cock.  My free hand slid across Red’s chest, his hard abs, around his side to clutch at that rock-solid ass.  Getting as good a grip as I could, I steeled myself and went in for the deepthroat.


Would it be possible?  I didn’t think so, but I was gonna give it the old college try.


Both hands were at his buttocks now, pulling his pelvis toward my face.  Red gasped in ecstasy as I slid as far along his rod as I could, relaxing my throat to allow him inside.  I had to stop once or twice, fighting off a choke, but eventually I had his full length in me.




With my nose pressed against his flat abdomen, I felt him sitting inside my throat.  Tightened and loosed the muscles there to massage him. Just the thought of this, of that enormous cock within my passageway, was the fucking horniest thing I had ever felt and my pussy clenched against the torrent of fluids I was generating.


“Mamma mia,” Red groaned, clutching at my head to hold me in place as I threatened to pull back.


I was desperate for air, unable to breathe even through my nose, and my esophagus protested at the invader into its depths, but Red held me firm.  Deep inside me, his cock swelled – twitched – and I knew he was almost at his peak.


Sure enough, moments later he began spurting jet after jet of thick, hot cum down me, into my burbling belly, and I could not keep my hand from moving to my own crotch then.  As Red’s huge cock shot its load into me, spurting even more fluid than my faucet had done this morning, I fingered my engorged clit ferociously, each blast of cum down my throat causing me to twitch in further pleasure.


Eventually, Red let me go and I gasped for breath, drool spilling out of my mouth like a waterfall as I flopped back onto my ass on the cold linoleum floor.  He ran his hands through his hair, his red cap falling from his head, as he recovered from his orgasm, and I continued to paw at my cunt as I felt his hot seed swimming around in my stomach.


Fuck, that had been sexy as all hell!


My fingers dipped into my vagina next, sliding into its waters easily, but the bulging crotch of Green right next to me told me I should wait to find my relief.  He could help get me there.


“Now,” I panted, maneuvering onto my knees before him.  “Let’s see if you’re as big as your brother.”


Green was taller than Red, but more lithe.  I was fascinated to see what he would be packing.  As the man unfastened his overalls, letting them slide down, his shirt rode up to reveal that slim, toned torso that drove me wild.


I liked muscular guys like Red, but this swimmer’s physique was what really got my motor running.  I reached up to tug his Henley off as he removed his boxers, slipping it over his head to reveal all of his statuesque glory.


Not that his cock was quite the showpiece that his brother’s had been.


Look, I’m not some size queen.  Green’s dick was a solid six inches which was more than enough to make me very happy.  But despite my nakedness, and the sex show he’d just been witness to, the man was not even fully erect – and next to his brother’s hard hugeness it was a bit of a letdown.


Seeing the slightly crestfallen look on my face, despite my hands eagerly exploring every nook and cranny of Green’s slender and toned body, the plumber felt the need to explain himself.


“I am-a hung,” he informed me, “like an average human male.  They-a call me the Sicilian Civilian.”


That made me laugh, as he had intended, and as I manhandled his perfectly good penis, the man ruffled my hair, his mustache bristling with the curl of his lip.


“Oh, that’s-a nice,” he muttered as I jerked his cock lightly, but I was ready for more than manual or oral stimulation this time.


I had physical needs of my own, and I wanted them met.


Lying back on the chilly floor, I spread my legs wide.  Showed Green the dripping hole between them, ready for his attention.


“Please,” I begged the athletic man.  “Plumb my depths.”


Green looked down at me eagerly, then flicked his eyes over to where his sated brother leaned against my kitchen counter.  With perhaps an envious look at the half-chub Red sported that still outmeasured his own dick, the man surprised me by first heading over and grabbing a slice of mushroom from the veggie plate.


“One-a moment,” he mumbled, swallowing the mushroom whole.  Mere moments later, his cock sprung to full hardness – gaining an extra inch in length and swelling to a great thickness as well.


“You see,” he explained, kneeling before my entrance, “mushrooms make-a me bigger.”


So that’s what he’d meant earlier when he said they “did things to his body”.  Well I’ll be goddamned.


Then he entered me.


I gasped in pleasure, his cock thick enough now to fill me nicely as he thrust in and out of my slippery hole.  The man lay atop me, allowing me to scrape my fingernails up and down his muscular back as I bucked my hips in time with his.


Pleasure rippled through me as I took that cock, Green’s rhythm steady and strong.  The sloshing of my sopping pussy was the loudest sound in the room, my wetness almost embarrassing.  The plumber took it for the compliment it was, my juicy noises driving him to swifter speeds, harder thrusts.


Still it wasn’t enough for me, horny as I was, and I rolled us over, slamming him back onto the floor and riding him for all I was worth.  I rose to the tip of his cock and then back down with a wet slap, over and over, harder and harder.


Red watched us from his position by the counter, eyes fixated on my bouncing titties as I slammed against his brother again and again.  Slowly, Red’s cock became hard once more – his erection returning despite that epic climax he had just emptied down my throat. Spying the olive oil I had placed near the vegetables in readiness for lunch, the plumber got a sly look in his eye and took the bottle with him to where I rode Green like a pony.


Kneeling behind me, Red pushed gently on my back, forcing me to bend over Green’s body.  Coming face to face with the man beneath me, I kissed the mustachioed man with fervor. The tall plumber’s tongue met mine, our lips working against each other furiously as we continued to slap our groins together at high speed.


“Relax,” Red whispered behind me, his lips briefly sliding across the small of my back and causing me to shiver in delight.  “Brother, remember that night-a with Peach?”


“Oh yes,” the man beneath me chuckled, and I wondered what the two fellows were planning.


Then I felt it.  I stopped my motion for a second, allowing Green to do all the thrusting below me, as I encountered a cold finger dripping with olive oil poking its way into my anus.


I had not expected this, and the unannounced finger squirmed its way inside me, my muscles tightening as though desperate to evacuate my bowels.  Knowing it was just Red’s finger however, I forced my ass to relax, to accept the unexpected intruder, and as soon as I did so, that full feeling spread pleasure throughout my body.


With Green jackhammering in and out of my pussy, Red’s pressure against the vaginal wall from the other side felt intense.  I moaned, resuming my humping motion but slower –making it easy for Red to slide his index finger in and out of my asshole.


Another finger joined it, equally slathered in oil, and by now my ass was loose enough that it slipped in without a fight.  God this was amazing – the feel of Green’s cock in my cunt, and Red’s fingers in my ass. Fuck, I’d never had anything like it.


Never been with two men at the same time at all – never mind one in each of those lower holes.  Christ, if I’d known how unbelievable it felt to be stuffed so full, I would have sought this out years ago.  I’d never experienced intercourse so pleasurable, and I groaned in delirious agony at the intensity of this pleasure.


He pulled out then, his fingers leaving a gaping hole in my rear and I mewled in complaint – but I was not empty for long.


“You’ve already got-a one up,” the plumber mumbled behind me.  “Get ready for two.”


The head of Red’s cock bumped at my anus then, in place of his fingers, and I trembled in anticipation.


Would this be too much?  Fuck, that dick had been almost too much for my throat – never mind my ass!  And with my pussy being full of his brother’s cock, would there be room for Red back there?


In order to facilitate the effort, I stopped moving again, jutting my ass out toward Red as Green kept pumping away at me from below.  The huge head of that cock slowly inched inside, and I gasped – practically a growl as both the discomfort and the pleasantness of it overwhelmed me.


Only an inch of him inside me now, and already I could not stand it!  And equally, I was desperate to feel more of him.


Red had paused in his advance, allowing me to become accustomed to his hugeness in my rectum, but I was desperate.  Eager to cum, to feel that double-fullness drive me to my ultimate relief. So I wiggled my ass around his cock, shuffling back to force more of him inside.


The cock in my pussy almost fell out when I moved, and Green had to shuffle a little downward to maintain his presence inside me, but he managed it.  Kept pistoning in and out of me beautifully. And with the stretching of my asshole, those two penises together were stuffing me so full I could not even imagine anything more gorgeous than this experience.


“Fuck,” I breathed, eyes closed as I felt Red bottom out in my ass, his balls tickling the flesh at the base of my labia.  Somehow he was all the way up inside me, his massive cock managing to find a place within me to rest – and he just held it here as Green continued to fuck me underneath.


Red made one or two attempts to thrust, but it was awkward.  I wanted to feel both men moving inside me, though, and I stilled Green with a touch.


“Hang on, hang on, hold it.”


Then, with both brothers steady as statues, I made the movements myself, drawing both cocks out, and then slamming back in.  If Red and Green remained still, I could thrust both of their cocks into me at once, without them needing to struggle with synchronizing their rhythms somehow.


“Jesus!”  It was fantastic, moving off and onto them, feeling those dicks slide further inside me each time I slammed back onto them.  Did it get better than this?


I didn’t see how sex could feel any more pleasurably without killing me.  This was like heaven, as I felt both cocks thrust in and out of me, filling both holes.  Again and again and again I bumped against them, nearing my climax and knowing it would be explosive.


Before I attained my end, however, Green placed his hands on my shoulders, stopping me in silence.  His eyes conveyed intent, and I decided to trust him.


Questioning, I cocked my head, sweaty strands of my hair curtaining down around my eyes, but as the plumber removed his cock from my pussy, sliding it down my slit toward my perineum, I realized what he was after.


No.  No, he couldn’t.  Surely!


And yet he did.  His cock dripping with my honey, he somehow slid into my already stretched asshole, his cock pressed against his brother’s to jam into me, stuffing me so tight I thought I would scream.


Actually, I did – a stifled but desperate scream, as the two cocks somehow pushed fully into my anus.  I had thought Red’s dick alone was too much, but this? It was painful, was just too much!


And yet, somehow, just enough.


I began to loosen up, to relax, to accept the presence of both dicks up my rear.  It was the fullest feeling I had ever experienced, and an explosion of pleasure erupted inside me.  The walls of my ass tightened around their cocks, but they remained within me as both men began to thrust in and out together.


The brothers had finally managed to work together, their cocks moving in unison to piston in and out of my crammed asshole, and I just remained still on my hands and knees over the taller brother, letting them perform their magic on my body.


It was so intense, I could barely stand it.  That feeling, those huge rods both jammed up inside the same tiny hole.  I moved one hand to my pussy, rubbing my clit as I ground my teeth together from the immensity of the pleasure and cried, my tears splashing down onto Green’s lithe torso.


“Fuck,” I yelled, sounding angry although it was all in pleasure.  “Christ, keep – ah! – fucking me like that. Damn, boys. Fuck, keep doing it.  Both of you, together. Fuck, I love that. Keep going, boys, fuck.”


My hand skimmed my clit faster as the brothers sped up their frequency.  Soon they were slamming into me, my ass rippling like waves on the beach as they hit me again and again.  The sound of their balls slapping against each other became the loudest noise in the room, drowning out my gasps and their hungry growls.


I thought about it then, the two brothers with their dicks pressed against each other, squeezed together into my tight ass.  The soft skin of their big cocks sliding back and forth, two brothers feeling their private parts pressing and rubbing together inside me.


The vision was too much, too intense, and I finally erupted in orgasm.


“Fuck!” I screamed, rubbing my pussy as fluids burst forth from me, the floodgates opened.  “Fuck, I’m cumming! Keep fucking me boys, I’m cumming! I’m cumming so goddamn hard! Keep pounding me, cum in my ass!  I want to feel you both cum in me. Fuck, it feels so good. Christ. Fucking cum! Do it!”


The muscles inside my pussy and my ass both spasmed, tightening in pulses, as I came so ferociously – and that triggered the climax of both of my lovers as well.  I heard them grunt, felt them twitch, and then the hot jets of cum shot deep up inside my ass and I was transported.


It was like nothing I had ever experienced.  My vision whited out; I was on another plane.  I could feel my hand on my cunt, those cocks still thrusting in and out of my ass as they continued to spurt up into my depths.  But in another way, I was disconnected, those feelings happening to another woman entirely.


I was out of my body, looking down as I saw myself getting fucked in the ass by those two studly men, and it was so hot.  Seeing them ram me, seeing myself contort and squirt like a fire hydrant. From my ghostly vantage point I enjoyed the sight of this erotic encounter, all while feeling the sensations my body was undergoing.


My pussy clenched, my knees squeezing Green’s hips like a nutcracker.  I sprayed his slender chest with my jizz, as he spurted his in my ass. Both he and his brother shot their loads over and over, until they were done and both cocks churned the cum into butter inside me, their semen mixed and coating both of their meaty rods.


As my climax faded, I felt my spirit slam back into my body and I had control again.


I flopped down onto Green’s body, utterly spent.  His cock slipped from my ass as I almost fainted, frothy semen leaking with him, though Red managed to get in several more thrusts before he finally softened and removed his white-coated cock from me, too.


Lying there, I hugged Green’s athletic form, felt his heartbeat race beneath my ear.  Together our body heat was enough to fry an egg, and sweat dripped from me like a faucet had been turned on.  I sighed, content.


This had been the greatest sex of my life, and I wanted to enjoy it while I could.


Eventually, however, it had to end.  The plumbers had another job to go to, and although they let me lie there for at least twenty minutes, Green ultimately extricated himself from my arms and pulled his clothes over his sweaty, sticky body.


I managed to regain my feet once they were dressed, supporting my weight on the counter.  My legs wobbled, my hands shook. Cum and sweat dripped from me, splashing onto the floor.  I’d have to mop it all up again, I realized, but it didn’t bother me.


Fuck, this had been amazing.


“How…”  I panted, struggling to be able to speak as my breath returned in gasps.  “How much do I owe you? For the sink, I mean.”


The brothers looked at one another and laughed.


“No charge,” Red said at last, miming a salute at me.


I guess they figured I’d paid them plenty.  Somehow, though, it felt like they’d given me a lot more than I’d given them.


“One-a thing, though,” Green said cautiously as he tugged his green cap down onto his matted hair.  “You have change for a dollar?”


I frowned, not understanding.


Red looked apologetic.  “We like coins.”


Laughing, I retrieved a handful of quarters from a jar above the fridge and dropped them into Green’s outstretched hands.


“Two bits, four bits,” I counted breathlessly, “six bits, eight bits...”


Ah hell.  I dumped about five or six dollars’ worth into his clutches.


“There you go.  Consider that a tip,” I said with a grin.  “And… thank you.”


As the two men left my house, a swing in their step, I considered the madness that had just taken place.  And I didn’t regret it for a second. It had been amazing, astounding – spectacular! I’d even say that it was: