Erotic fiction that will knock your socks off!


I'm a private person who chooses to air very personal fantasies in public - so I'm sure you'll understand if I don't want to give away too much of my sensitive information!

But what you need to know is that I'm *cough-cough* years old, and while I've always loved writing, it's only been recently that I discovered the drive to write erotica.

Like (I'm sure) most people, I've always been turned on by erotic fiction, but it wasn't until I tried writing it for myself that I understood what a joy (and, yes, a turn-on) it could actually be!

I have so many naughty fantasies that I don't even know if most of them will be acceptable for public consumption!  The ones that are, however, I want to present to you - the public - to enjoy them in whatever way you see fit.

Love yourselves (and, you know... love yourselves) and love each other.  And love my books!

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