Jack & Jill

Brother Catches Me Masturbating














“Fuck, that feels good.”


One hand massaged the puffy edges of my vulva while the other flicked across my clitoris lightly but rapidly.


No one had been in the house when I came home this afternoon – Mom and Dad both still at work, Dave at football practice at school – so I had the place all to myself for a little while.


Since I had come back from college to visit my family, I hadn’t exactly had a lot of alone time.  My needs were pretty insatiable, and these last three days without relief were absolutely killing me.  And so, taking advantage of this unique opportunity I had retired instantly to what was now the guest room of the house in which I had grown up, and immediately stripped naked and flopped onto the bed.


No, I couldn’t just take care of it silently when everyone was asleep.  I know that’s what you were asking yourself.  If you’ve ever been in the same building with me when I’m experiencing an orgasm, you know that ain’t nobody unaware of exactly what’s going down in there.


I’m a bit of a screamer.


At this particular time, I was… between boyfriends.  Actually, tell the truth, I really didn’t want one.  Since going to college I had found that men were easily available as fuck-toys whenever the need arose, without having to deal with all their bullshit when it came to relationships.


Guys are hot, but they’re also selfish and inattentive, so I borrowed one whenever I needed a dick, and that was that.


Not having anyone back here in my home town I could just slip off with for a quick fuck, however, was making it difficult to satisfy my mounting urges, so I decided to make the best of this masturbation session while I could.


I was determined to have the best solo orgasm of my life.


So far it was going pretty good.  I was laid out flat on the bed, where I couldn’t quite see the discolored portion on the wall where I used to have my “crush” posters.  From this position, staring at the ceiling, I could imagine they were still there.  Could take myself back to when I was an innocent (or, okay, “more innocent”) schoolgirl who would give anything for one of those posters to come alive and jump onto my bed in the middle of the night to ravish me.


As though he were here now, I could feel the lead singer of my favorite boy band – the one who even now I had a significant “thing” for – setting the bed to bouncing with his weight.  Leaning over me, thrusting his enormous cock into my tight virgin hole.


It was the fantasy I’d had again, and again, as a kid – and being here in the same room brought it all back, made me feel that squirming trepidation of my first penis all over again.  Imagining him here, taking me like his plaything, having his wicked way with my body.


My fingers increased their pace on my pussy, and I used my left hand now to slip a couple of them inside my hole which overflowed with excitement.  No longer nineteen, in my head I was a blushing fifteen-year-old again, reveling in the fantasy of my favorite screen star taking my virginity.


Only now, he wasn’t alone.  In my mind, the other four members of the band had also arrived, crawling up onto the bed to watch.  To take out their cocks and masturbate to the sight of us fucking here between them.


Then one of them stuck his girth into my mouth, filling it up, and my hands found two more.  Dicks aplenty, and little old me the only one who could satisfy them.


I jacked my cunt faster, the moisture flowing copiously deep inside me as I relived that deep desire that young Jessica had harbored so long ago.  But better than ever, because this time I knew what the real thing felt like, and I could imagine it more concretely.


My hips bucked, my head driving back into the bedclothes.  I moaned, I cried out, I shouted words I can’t remember – whatever came into my head – thriving on the feel of my fingers working my pussy.  On the images playing out in my head.


Fuck I was close.  This was gonna be--




I started, hands frozen on my sopping cunt, head raised in fear to see the unwanted intruder.


My brother: Dave.  Shit.


“What the fuck?”  I covered myself with a pillow, backing up against the headboard into a sitting position, but the modesty was in vain after what my little brother had seen.


He’d gotten a good view of everything, and in my anger at his interruption I also flushed a beet red at the knowledge that my intimacy had been invaded.


“Jesus, fuck, I’m sorry!”  Dave covered his eyes, turning aside – though he never actually left my bedroom.  Just stood there in the doorway, averting his gaze.


“What are you doing in here?”  I allowed my breasts to be re-exposed long enough to toss another pillow in his general direction.


One of the flailing arms that he waved to block the sight of his masturbating sister swept the pillow coincidentally aside, and in surprise he turned back to look at it.  Then closed his eyes again as he glimpsed my nakedness once more.


Stuttering and spitting in his agitation, Dave managed to say, “I didn’t…  I heard noises, I thought…  Shit, Jessica, I thought you were dying or something.”


The “little death” is what I was searching for, I thought to myself, until you came in and stole it from right under my fucking nose.


“You could knock, you know.  Fuck.”


Looking off into the corner of the room now, trying to communicate with me without actually seeing me clearly, Dave said, “The door wasn’t even closed, for Christ’s sake.”


Fuck, he might have been right.  I’d been in a hurry to get going, after all.  I hadn’t expected him home quite so soon, and didn’t take the proper precautions.


So really, this was as much my fault as it was his.


There was no getting my dignity back, but I tried to win back the high ground.  “You still don’t barge into someone’s room without knocking, Jesus.”


“I’m sorry, I…”  He trailed off, then actually looked at me with something that was almost disgust.  “Are you still…?”


His words meant nothing to me until I followed his gaze, and realized with shock that in my extremely horny state I actually hadn’t quit rubbing myself.


There, probably just visible below the pillow that sat on my lap, two of my fingers still rubbed languorously at my clit, stoking the flames.  Keeping them lit long enough to resume my fiery passion as soon as my goddamn little brother got out of my room.


I should have stopped, once he pointed it out of course.  There’s no denying that.  But I was still horny as hell, that excited quiver of anticipation fluttering away inside my abdomen – desperate for sweet physical release.


Acting of their own accord, then, my fingers continued to swirl around my clit, dipping into my vag every now and then to dab at my juices and use them to lubricate the motions they made on my sensitive nub.


“You can’t,” Dave objected again, holding out a hand as if to block his view, but not actually looking away.  His face revealed intrigue and distaste in equal measure.  “Why are you…?”


My eyes squinted in appraisal, judging the situation.  Hell, he’d already seen everything there was to see – me with my hand half-way up my pussy, screaming my passion out into the void.  What the fuck did it matter if it continued to happen here in front of him?


The naughtiness of it made my juices flow anew, amazed and aroused by my audaciousness as I tossed aside the pillow that half-covered me and slithered down into a more comfortable position.


And continued to masturbate, right in front of my brother.


“Jesus, Jess, what the fuck.”  But he didn’t turn away.  Instead, he took half a step into the room, eyes fixated on my inflamed pussy.


I didn’t know whether or not my brother had had sex.  He was a senior in high school, eighteen years old, in great shape, and on the football team.  I found it hard to believe he wouldn’t have had some experience in that area by now.


But having his sister stark naked right in front of him and working her cunt like it was her last night on earth still must have been quite the revelation.


“Well, you came in half-way through the show,” I said between soft grunts, grinning at him through my spread legs, “but there’s still time to catch the final act.”


This debauchery thrilled me – doing something I never would have considered if it had not been thrust upon me (so to speak) – and by the reaction in my brother’s pants, he felt the same way.


“Come on, Dave,” I gasped, my wicked eyes on his awestruck face.  “I can see how much this, uh, interests you.”


As though realizing he was erect for the first time, Dave reached down to fondle his bulge, registering shock at his own biological reaction.  “Holy fuck.”


“Just watch.”  I ground my hips back and forth against my own fingers, then moved my free hand up to knead my left breast, moaning as I pinched the nipple as hard as I felt like.  “I want to share this with you.”


And I did, although I hadn’t known it until that second.  As if it was something I had always fantasized about, diddling my cunt in front of my little brother seemed like the culmination of a lifelong desire.  It felt so wrong to do, but oh so good.


Dave nodded, gulped.  Fascinated, he watched as I continued to paw at my pussy, drawing my pleasure out one rub at a time.  In response, he massaged his own crotch and I saw it inflate until his dick nearly busted out of the fabric of his jeans.


I rubbed, and swirled, and thrust, reveling in the watery sounds of my dripping snatch.  I could feel climax near, and the thought of Dave seeing me achieve it was wickedly erotic.


From there by the door, my brother ogled me – drool beginning to drip from his admiring mouth.  Until he could not stand the pressure any further and released his aching cock from its cloth prison.


“Holy shit!”  I hadn’t seen my brother’s penis since we were little kids and let’s say it had changed a bit since then.  If I’d known he’d had something so long and thick hidden in there all this time, I would have come to visit sooner and demanded to get a good, long look at it.


I wasn’t attracted to my brother, I didn’t want to do anything with him.  But damn if that wasn’t a fine-looking dick that any woman would be more than happy to get a glimpse of.


“You like it?”  A shy grin marked my brother’s face as he gently stroked his cock with his right hand, causing it to extend even further now than it had.  “You think it’s big?”


I nodded silently, chewing my lip as I admired his hugeness held there in that slowly pumping hand.


“The biggest you’ve ever seen?”


I didn’t know about that.  Maybe.  From over here it was hard to tell, but I wasn’t going to ask Dave to step any closer.  We were breaking enough boundaries as it was without getting that delicious cock within potential grabbing distance.


There’s no way I could trust myself not to try for at least a touch, if not a taste.  And that was one boundary I was not willing to cross.


“My girlfriend said it was.  The biggest she’d seen, I mean.”


I hadn’t even known he was with anyone, but it made sense.  He was a decent-looking kid, had an awesome body, and like I said: what girl doesn’t like a football star?


I found my voice again, finally.  “It’s… beautiful.”  And I worked my pussy even faster.


Dave’s smile became even more shy, but the rate at which he jerked his hand along that magnificent unit of his went up drastically, matching my own speed.  Precum glisten at the tip, a droplet flying off as he rubbed it furiously, panting in desire as he did so.


“Fuck,” I gasped, so close to release now.  I squeezed my own breast, leaving fingernail marks in my peachy flesh, as I moved my two middle fingers deep into my cunt and used the palm of my hand to stimulate the clit.  “Goddammit, holy fuck.”


“Jesus, Jess.”  Dave’s grunts were soft and wild, his eyes jittering in agitation as he neared his own orgasm.  “You’re so beautiful like that.  Holy fuck.  Jesus.”


I glowed at his praise, basking in the admiration of my favorite man in the universe.  I knew he’d never want to fuck me any more than I wanted that with him, but knowing he could still find desire for me, for who I am, for how I looked, deepened my connection with him in a way I hadn’t known was possible.


The two of us, barely a year apart in age, had grown up the closest of friends.  And now, in this bizarre and wholly unexpected way, we found ourselves becoming even closer.  Sharing an admiration, a personal act, a primal commonality.


I stared at his contorting face: my brother.  The dearest in the world.  I loved him, I did.  And I was going to show him just how much.


With my eyes on Dave’s huge cock, bouncing and flapping in his furious fist, I came – explosively.


At no time in my life had I experienced a feeling like this.  I felt love surge through me, familial love.  A closeness I could not have felt with anyone but my little brother.


My palm buzzed my clitoris, my fingers pulled at my G-spot, and my eyes drank in Dave’s beautiful cock as I experienced wave after wave of nuclear pleasure, tearing at my core – bursting out of me like a flood.


This flood, in fact, shot out of my pussy as well, as I squirted down half the length of the bed in a quaking tremor of delight.  My fingers emerged from my flooded cave, manipulating my erect clitoris over and over, drawing out my pleasure, riding the wave to the end.


Seeing this, watching me cum so spectacularly, Dave instantly found his own release.


“Oh, fuck Jessica.”


And hot, white streams of fluid began to blast from the tip of his penis.


My jaw hit my breast as I saw the copious amounts of ejaculate that sprung forth from that cock, fountaining out in all directions – one particularly powerful blast nearly crossing the distance between us to splash against the foot of my bed.


At the sight of his mighty orgasm, I soon rolled over into a second – or possibly it was still my first just taking a little break to recover its breath.


Whatever it was, I began to scream in pleasure, clawing at my breast, zipping my fingertips over my clit, through my folds, fast and faster, raising this second orgasm to new heights.


“Fuck,” I yelled at the top of my lungs.  “Jesus fucking motherfuck.  Oh Christ almighty, oh holy fuck.  Oh fuuuuuuuuck!”


And I rubbed, and rubbed, furiously working my clit, drawing every last drop of my orgasm out.  It pulsed and rolled and rippled all throughout my body, as though every inch were an erogenous zone.  The feeling was incredible, and I never wanted it to end.


In truth, for a while I thought that it truly wouldn’t, as it poured over me in wave after wave, draining all my energy in its relentless steamroller course.  Eventually, though, the torrent of pleasure did subside, my breath began to return, and my fingers slowed, rubbing gently now in tiny circles.  Winding down to a close.


It was over.  Holy shit, it was over but what a fucking event!  I hadn’t cum like that before in my life; hadn’t known it was possible.


Dave, too, stared at me in awe, holding his softening dick in one cum-coated hand while boggling at the sight of my rapture.


When both of us had recovered, it dawned on me that I was stark naked in front of my brother, fingers still working my spread pussy lips, and he had his cock in his hand having just spurted all over my bedroom floor.


Now that the horny whirlwind was over, an air of awkwardness had settled over everything, and neither of us seemed to know just how to react.


After a long silence, I decided to behave as though nothing had taken place.  Glancing at the semen spattered all around my carpet, I said with ease, “You’re gonna clean that up, right?”


“Oh.”  Dave blinked, taken aback.  Awkwardly, he tucked his penis back into his jeans – careful not to zip himself up in them – and turned to find a washcloth.  “Uh, sure.  Yeah.”


I didn’t even watch him go, reaching to my bedside table for the book I was in the middle of.


No need to cover myself up, I decided.  Dave had already seen everything there was to see.


And so I lay on covers damp with my juices, opened the book up to Chapter Seventeen, and let myself become lost in a world of myth and magic once again.  There was nothing like the pleasure you could get from a good book, I always said.


Well… almost nothing.

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